Leslie and I were at the University of Tasmania together for a few years. He was always lively, enthusiastic, and a diligent worker. Since he passed away in January 2006, not much has been written or said about his work. I don’t believe his Shoreline lounge, probably his most reproducible design, is still in production.

First designed in 1984, the design was registered by Leslie in May 1987 and later produced by arrangement with James Bradley Pty Ltd. in Launceston, Tasmania. (Bradley also produced Marc Newson’s early ‘Wood Chair,’ around the same time.)

The drawing above shows changes made to the design 10 years later, a subtle change in two curves. The design is a reduction of the sun lounger, a popular piece of outdoor furniture, and relies on the strength of laminated pine to achieve fluidity and simplicity. The photo below is from the auction house Shapiro, I don’t know the date of the auction but the chair was expected to reach between $3,000 and $5,000. The drawing above is from the Powerhouse Museum of Applied Arts and Sciences, Sydney.

It is a beautiful design that reflects the seaside influence that Leslie grew up with in Perth, WA.